Hey you friends of hoofed animals!

I’ve got news!

As you can see in the left sidebar, there’s the PREMIUM PONY FARM!!!
Just to get rid of all the question marks first:

1. What the heck is the “Premium Pony Farm“?
The Premium Pony Farm is simply the best way to support me and my webcomic.
For just a small amount of money you can subscribe to a special store where you can get “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm” extra content. That means, wallpapers, making of’s, videos, previews, sketches, secret comics and other goodies.

2. And how does that work?
You get all the updates in real time via SMS or email. In addition you can interact with other subscribers in the Owners Circle.

3. What kind of “small amount of money” are we talking about here?
It’s really only 1,99$ per month. You can choose to subscribe for one, three or 12 months. And you can pay per Paypal or credit card.

Whenever there’s an update you can see it appear in the store window in the left sidebar.
I thought I’ll start with three fancy wallpapers. I’m especially proud of my demented happy ponies wallpaper! That, of course, is available in english!
So, enjoy, you buttercups!!!