So, tell me honesty… WHAT the heck would you do with your spare time if there wouldn’t be the oppurtunity to vote for Life Ain’t No Pony Farm again and again in some places?
We’re all bored from time to time, so here’s again another chance for you to do something absolutely important for a change!:)

Life Ain’t No Pony Farm is up for “Best New Comic”, “Best Art”, “Best Writing”, “Best Protagonist” on Webcomicplanet’s “Webcomic Readers Choice Award 2009”
You can vote until November 14th, then they will decide between the five best remaining comics.

Seriously, I would be very happy if you’d vote for the Ponyfarm (Best new comic would be my favorite), but I know it can be annoying to subscribe to yet another website.
Therefore thanks to the ones who do!!!:)