by Joerg Fassbender

Welcome everyone. This is the first entry in a loose series showcasing a few members of Periscope Studio located in Portland, OR in no particular order.

Aaand we are off to a good start with Rich Ellis, who is a full member of Periscope Studio. He graduated with a bachelors degree in sequential art from SCAD in 2005.

Rich could probably be best described as a fantasy superhero adventure cartoonist (at least I hope so :-)), which you can tell from looking at his website. He created “The Ravens’ Gambit” with fellow studio member Susan Tardif. The second issue of this fantasy heist adventure was just printed for Stumptown Comics Fest 2010 where it sold out!!! You can read the complete first issue on the series’ website, so what are you waiting for?

Rich’s further work includes two Twilight Zone Graphic Novels and an issue of Marvel Adventures. He is currently working as a background artist for Steve Lieber on a still hush-hush project and he also assists the fantastic Karl Kesel with roughs and backgrounds for the “lost” Captain America strips which are published on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

Go and look at more of his stuff on etsy, where you can buy some of his fine illustrations. Believe me, we’ll be seeing a lot of this guy’s work in the future. You read it here first. ;-)

Have a good week-end and… behave.