Hello everyone,

as I announced last Monday, the ponyfarm will not update with a comic on Thursdays in the immediate future because I have to work on a longer, very different story where the deadline is approaching. I would like to show you some of that project so you know what I have to cut back on the ponyfarm for.

It is called Astrum Noctis (latin for Nightstar) and is written by my cousin. The story is a mystery/thriller and was designed to have several chapters. The first book is planned as 80 pages and is going to include two separate stories. One of them will be drawn by *tada* me.

The book is in black and white and will be published in Italy first where it has its home at a new comiclabel at publisher Lepre Edizioni. Of course we don’t know yet if and when it will be published in Germany or elsewhere.

So, what’s the story about?

In short it revolves around Florence, a girl who has mysterious adventures during her time at an elite boarding school in Switzerland. The school is visited by some dark forces, people start to disappear, others die. Florence takes up the fight against evil… and discovers the path to her own, possibly darker, past.

I’m going to show you little bits of “making of” here now and again.

Here’s a few early sketches of Florence. Enjoy and come back if you like for the next ponyfarm episode on Monday.  :)