Hello dear and patient Ponyfarm readers,

right now Sarah’s working on page 31 of 40 for Astrum Noctis (I hear she’s on page 32 already while I’m typing this), which means in turn the END IS NEAR. Figuratively speaking of course. So today you get to see two finished pages from the project. First here are the sketched versions of the pages. The pages are not really next to each other in the finished book; they are shown out of context here:

The final pages now look like this:

As you can see, one page was inked, while the other one was just pencilled. This is because Florence, our protagonist has strange visions from time to time. To point out that we are not dealing with the character’s reality here, the author and Sarah agreed to leave the “visions” pages in a pencilled state. It gives the page a very different look and it certainly took longer than inking them.

To ink a page, Sarah uses her beloved Winsor&Newton Series 7  brush she also uses on the Ponyfarm. The brushes are quite expensive, but she tells me that they do the work almost by themselves. The backgrounds are usually being penciled with fineliners  (Deleter-series). On the first page above, Sarah uses the “dry brush”-effect. Which literally means the almost dry brush is used to create this effect, with only very little ink. She likes to use this look on rougher paper.

A master in regards to the use of black space, Sarah looked at during her research for Astrum Noctis is Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, The Black Cat etc). If you don’t know his work, expect to be floored by the sheer brilliance of his designs.

A real challenge was the optical illusion that shows up more than once during the story. Even tracing wasn’t an option here. An optical illusion has to be logical within itself… ;)

Some of you might say: I like the pencilled page better than the inked one. Others will prefer the inked page. What do you think, dear reader?

Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into Sarah’s continuing quest of finishing this comic.

Have a good week-end and hope you will be back on Monday for more Ponyfarm goodness!