Translated by Jörg “Brince Of Bersia” Faßbender.
If you want to read the storyline from the beginning, click here.

Well, well, well… I’m not quite sure if these tactics will get Ngumbe back.
We will see!

Hey, today I’ve got a little bilingual webcomic tip for you! The comic is far more know than the Pony Farm, but some of you might not have discovered it yet!
It’s done by my dear colleague Arne Schulenberg and his team and it’s called Union Of Heroes.
Not only it’s the only webcomic about German superheroes, it’s also a photocomic!
I can hear some of you screaming out loud: “I hate photocomics, they totally suck!”, but I swear to you: this one doesn’t.
The photographs are taken very professionally and the story is also extremely entertaining, without taking itself too seriously!
And it even got special effects!
So, go and check it out. Have fun!:)