Hello dear readers,

Having the honor of some really fantastic artists draw guest strips for Ponyfarm while Sarah was away on an excursion to Romania, it was David ‘Def’ Füleki’s turn this week. I had quite a few things on the plate myself, so I can only apologize that I turned in the translation this late.

But here it is now! When David is not doing his own interactive series Entoman: Serial Sausage Slaughter, (of which the first trade paperback was just published at Tokyopop) and which also features variations of the fax-gag seen in this Ponyfarm strip, he does tons of other stuff! So check out some of Def’s art on his own site, Manga-Madness or more of his continuously updated projects on Animexx.

By the way, this strip will be continued by Def (probably on Monday already), which means we have some more guest strips coming your way next week.

Please enjoy and have a brilliant Sunday, Joerg