Hey guys,

we are back! I know the break wasn’t ideal and it certainly was not planned in this way so I can only apologize to all you patient (or impatient) readers. Again. Unfortunately I got sick right before a big convention and had lots and lots of work to catch up on and right after Sarah and I took a very short Summer break.

Now, after a short summer vacation and lots and lots of work for the new edition of the first German book , Sarah is back today with a new comic on the German page called “Comeback”, now updated once a week. I am going to continue with the English translations at least once a week now, and if I manage, twice a week to be able to catch up with the German page sometime in the future. So you can expect new translations here on Mondays and Thursdays now.

Thank you very much for still or again reading this comic and please tell your friends that I am back with the Ponyfarm translations, if you feel so inclined. Thank you.

Have a brilliant week you guys!