And while I was melting away during today’s heatwave there has been a big gaming convention called Gamescom in this town. I went there on the “professional day” when it was still quite empty and reasonable in there and I could try out some of the presented games. The new God Of War was amongst them and while it remains impressive on the level of creature design and world-building I was a little bit annoyed by its over-the-top-brutality. I know, it’s God Of War, he’s always been quite the violent type, but I got the impression that instead of working on a new concept, they’d rather offer MORE violence, MORE blood ecc. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying this kind of game once in a while, but I just wish they’d work on some new ideas instead of repeating themselves to death. But I’m just a former Lucas Arts-adventure fangirl, I’m used to more humour in games anyway.

Well, let’s see what else the gaming industry has to offer in the futureā€¦ :)