Aaand, let’s hear a drumroll for one more gueststrip coming up.

This one was delivered by friend and colleague David “DS Nadine” Malambré. Not only is he the mastermind behind demolitionsquad, a German video game and webcomic site that he has been doing since 2005! But: he also delivers the demolitionsquad podcast together with the help of his star intern DS Starpraktika about… video games and comics!

Brace yourselves folks, cause David just started to do demolitionsquad in English last week with updates coming on Mondays and Thursdays. So, if you like video games at all and/or comics about gaming do yourselves a favour and visit his site.

Thanks and kudos go out to David for doing this great strip for us!

Thank you boys and girls for your attention, have a great week and pleeease come back on Thursday.

Don’t forget to floss. It’s important.