This storyline starts here!

Guys guys guys. We’re terribly sorry that we’re so behind with translations! Master of  translation, Joe Timberwolf changed his job some time ago and he’s now part of the busy freelancer club. He’s trying his best and he will eventually be on time again, but starting his own business takes up a lot of his time. Feel free to pay some R-E-S-P-E-C-T by a tip in the Paypal jar. I’m sure that’ll make him happy.

In the meantime, stay tuned and enjoy! Thanks for your patience! :)

Joerg added: Uhm, actually, I’m behind with the translations. Sarah has got nothing to do with that. :) I’m trying to catch up; it’s just that at the moment, I’m also preparing and organizing stuff for a comic-convention in Essen from 18-21 October, the Comic-Action where I’ll have a booth as “Kwimbi”! Exciting!
The bottomline is I will have to ask you guys once again to have a little patience with me while I’m at this con.
Thank you and be careful out there… have a good week!