Hello and welcome to 2013! Yeah, I know we’re already two weeks in, but we still have the whole year ahead of us. :)

I just had to take some weeks off, you guys, with all the stuff happening around my webshop kwimbi.de; between all the orders coming in around Christmas 2012 and producing Ngumbe plush figures for Sarah and sending them out on time, it all got a bit hectic.

But here we are back again in 2013 and I promise to update again regularly twice a week, which means new strips on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS! I hope you keep coming back and you enjoy the strip.

Also, it would be quite nice to get your feedback and comments again on the comic. Thank you guys for reading and spreading the word about the ‘Farm’.

Aaand just like this, we’re back! :)

– Joerg –