Hey my dear pony enthusiasts!!
Today, I have the last guest strip on my German page. It was done by fellow colleague and friend AE, it was totally witty and kick-ass cool and it was totally not translatable into English. I’m sorry, guys!!!

Instead I decided to show you a little preview for FOR ALL THE COWS.
This is a little story I’m doing with Canadian writer Robert Burke Richardson who recently won DC’s ZUDA contest and who also writes “The Matriarch” a comic about a single mother and superhero!

That’s what he has to say about the story:
If you guessed that FATC is the story of a superhero horse, you are correct. If you further guessed that the horse grew up the only horse on a farm full of cows, and that he therefore comes to believe that he himself is a cow (and, moreover, the fastest cow that ever lived), then I am very impressed with your deductive skills. If you also know that the horse‚Äôs name is Luke, you must be cheating somehow…