First of all I’d like to tell you the solution for last Monday’s super-riddle.

None other than SPORELOCK HOLMES himself committed this gruesome crime! If you’re looking for product number 544 in the mentioned Nerdbirds Shop  you’ll find  this special ring! Doesn’t it look familiar? Of course! It’s the same ring our evil mushroom wears to complete his fake detective appearance. Evil genius or just utter brazenness?

Well, today’s comic might help you to find the answer to this question . :/

Also, on the matter of the SOPA bill which seeks to go after pirates and counterfeiters, I personally think that this is NOT the solution to the problem. To in effect block sites and build a “nationwide firewall” as a part of the civil and human rights community calls it, would indeed mean censorship.

It also could mean, for example, that you readers would not be able to read this site in the US anymore, because it is being blocked by some DNS filtering system. Or, that a cartoonist could be sentenced because someone on his site linked to something that is copyrighted. Also, check out the brilliant Mr Kris Straub‘s opinion on this matter.

So what’s your stance on the issue? Please let us know and have a good week!

Hope to see you guys back on Monday. Regards, as always,