… What a week, guys!

I came home from Frankfurt Book Fair last night and I’m STILL exhausted like hell. Of course, it was brilliant nevertheless!

Surprisingly I was quite busy with signing (hopefully it wasn’t as chaotic as in today’s strip), then I had a panel with my dear colleagues David Boller (Zampano) and David Füleki.

Saturday I did NOT win the webcomic award Sondermann, but that wasn’t a real surprise. My dear and friendly colleague  Beetlebum won 1000 Euros and invited the other nominees (Arne and Ulf)  for a drink later on. That’s the spirit!:)

HA! Not to mention I could finally impose give my English minicomic to my beloved Sergio Aragonés. I never know if he recognizes me (from all the other occasions I harassed him) or if he’s just polite. Anyway, he was incredibly friendly, as always!:)

Here are some pictures! Thanks to @comicleserin

Webcomic Panel on Saturday

"Comic Breakfast" on Thursday

Signing with David&David