Dear readers,

we interrupt our usual strips and the comical misadventures of Sarah, Nerd Girl and her friends because of the attack on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine last week in France, where a police officer, several journalists and cartoonists were killed.

There has been enough commentary on the nature of the magazine itself and their cartoons; we just want to give some perspective with these quotes from “The Name of the Rose”. Again, they are from the First Mariner Books Edition 2014, Copyright 1980 by Gruppo Editoriale, English translation copyright 1983 by Harcourt, Inc. And Martin Secker & Warburg Limited.

Spoiler Warning if you don’t know the end of Umberto Eco’s story.

This part quotes Sir William and he talks to a monk who’s hiding a certain book, which supposedly is the lost second book of Aristotle’s “Poetics“. He does so because he essentially fears that the subject of the book, comedy, will lead the other monks to arrive at an understanding of the truth through the use of comedy. And thus taking away the church’s position grounded in fear and reverence.

Let us just say that he is an extremist and insane murderer. Which should give you enough context here.

Thank you for bearing with me.

Have a good week, guys.