Heya! Hope you’re having a cheerful Easter Monday!

This strip is a little bit more nostalgic as you can see. All the described facts are really true, even the sign on my desk in the first panel was there. Sigh… And am I really the only one who had an imaginary friend ?! It is a common term, but I’ve never actually talked to anybody who had an imaginary friend, too. I bet it’s only because nobody wants to admit it. ;)

As a bonus, here is a link to a live recorded session on coloring this very strip which Sarah did on Saturday for Comicademy. It’s near 3 hours, just to warn you. Yeah, it’s in German also, but maybe it is still fun and informative for some of you guys. AND, there is a surprise guest at the end.

Enjoy and a belated Happy Easter (or long weekend if you don’t believe) to you nice readers out there!