About The Webcomic

What’s this all about?

Life Ain’t No Pony Farm is a semi- autobiographical, but absurd comic strip about a cartoonist living together with an elephant, a mushroom and a pony.

Even if Life Ain’t No Pony Farm is mostly about my perception of reality I often totally make stuff up. I just thought I better let you know…

Who are all these strange people?

Sarah, that’s me, I guess. In the earlier Ponyfarm- comics I hid behind a ficitional protagonist, but after a while there really was no difference left between her and me. Okay, she was in better shape and her hair was somewhat fuller, but I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t take this over for my cartoon alter ego now!
Welcome to my wonderful world of illusions…

Ngumbe is a very stubborn African elephant. Apart from that he truly has an artist’s soul. It’s his biggest dream to play the trumpet like his idol Miles Davis and to be fully recognized as an artist. And he likes peanuts.

El Fungo is a very hot headed Mexican mushroom. There’s not one situation for which he doesn’t have a story to tell. And there’s not really one situation where anybody would care to hear it.

Buttercup, also called “Butty” amongst his former prison pals is not a pony of many words. He can be a loyal friend as long as he’s fed well and nobody bothers him while watching an episode of the “A-Team”.