The current storyline starts here.

This is it, folks. The end of this storyline. I had to wipe at least one tear from my eye. Whew, luckily Robert Zimmerman did NOT write a song to go with this story.

I wonder if we will ever see Fredo again. Or if Buttercup will see him again, for that matter. What do you think, dear reader, should they meet again some time in the future? It would be nice to have your opinion on that.

Now for something completely different: As you read this, Sarah is already at SDCC¬†to go visit some artist friends and to show some of her work to the various publishers. So if you spot a nervous redhead in a black dress with a plastic flower or butterfly in her hair, that’s probably her.

Since Sarah will stay in the US of A for a couple of weeks to visit her friends in LA and Portland, you will be in for an extra special treat in the upcoming two weeks. Starting next Monday, there will be guest strips from different German artists for you EACH Monday, Wednesday and Friday! So sit back, relax, enjoy and also tell us what you thought of the current storyline when and if you have a minute to spare.

Thank you for reading and coming back, folks! And don’t be a stranger!

Sincerely Yours, Joerg