Yes, it’s that time of the year again… no, we’re not talking about massive amounts of chocolate and sweets you should resist…

No, it’s autumn and Halloween is coming around again! And what better way to get in the mood as to meet evil in of them there video gaming pod devices of your choice. (Yes, we play Resident EVII. No, we’re not through the game yet. We’re scared!)

Are you playing the game? Or any other horror game for that matter? One of my favorites is still Silent Hill 2 and I’m playing a little creepy game called Yomawari on the Vita right now, where a little girl is searching for her lost dog and her sister.

Let us know if you’re playing video games at all and if yes, what ARE you playing? Doesn’t have to be a horror game per se.

Now have a great week everybody and snuggle up with a hot cocoa.